Loving my…. denim cut-offs

9 Feb

The first time I owned a pair of denim cut-offs I was 12 years old. It was the 1980s. I think I even made them (cut them) out of a pair of jeans. I know I wore them A LOT. For the next 21 years, I swore I would never wear denim cut-offs again. So tragic. So bogan. So 80s. So…. 12 years old. I tend to have a rule – anything you wore and loved as a 12 year old is simply not appropriate as a 34 year old.
This rule has generally served me well. It’s prevented me from wearing bubble skirts, elastic cumberband belts, fluoro anything and chambray shirts – even though these very same items seem to have made a fashion come-back in the last. But when it comes to denim cut-offs, I have broken my rule. I started to see them in the fashion mags, and on the street, about 6 months or so ago. Something about them appealed – they looked so casual, with a slight ‘beach chic’ feel. Sitting in my cupboard, daring me to cut them up, was a pair of pale blue denim ‘bumster’ jeans – about five years old – and just not quite in fashion. Too loose, too low, too pale, too ‘Britney Spears circa 2004’. So – I did it. I cut them up. Crookedly. One leg is higher than the other. To me the length is perfect. Neither too short (skanky) nor too long (bogan). I am loving them. They’ve frayed beautifully. And I’ve worn them to death. They go with every top in my wardrobe. They are super comfy. You can wear them with strappy sandals or canvas shoes. But – I know the love affair will come to an end. As it always does with any fashion item that one wears for weeks/months on end. And then I will wonder – why did I break my rule? If it looks good when you’re 12 – it doesn’t look good when you’re 34.


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