The King’s Speech

2 Feb

Yes, Yes, I know. It’s no secret that ‘The King’s Speech’ is a great movie. I’m probably the billionth person to see it. And – hopefully – it’s going to sweep the pool at the Oscars. That said, the Academy can’t exactly be relied upon to always make the best choice. Anyone remember best picture 1998? ‘Shakespeare in Love’ beating our Cate’s masterpiece ‘Elizabeth’ – bizarre! I digress. What I wanted to write about was my experience of seeing ‘The King’s Speech’.
It was a Wednesday afternoon. Not just any old Wednesday afternoon. I was 8 hours away from being induced to have my second baby. Add to that, my husband and I were toddler-free, with my parents baby-sitting our 2 year old. We’d spent the morning mooching round the shops, had lunch at a cafe, and were spending the afternoon at the movies. It felt like the good old days of courting – except for my rather large 42 week pregnancy stomach reminding me that I was indeed married, and with a second child on the way. To cap it all off – it was cheap Wednesday at the cinema. I always thought the cheap day was Tuesday. But our cinema marches to the beat of its own drum. Bonus for us. Not only did it mean half price tickets – it also meant an audience completely dominated by older folk. My husband and I were the youngest by about 30 years. This was the perfect audience with which to share the delight of viewing ‘The King’s Speech’. It’s a wordy film, pitched at the more discerning cinema viewer – unlike most of the rubbish that Hollywood spits out, aimed mostly at an audience with the intellect of a 14 year old. This audience was highly appreciative. We were quiet in the tense parts. There was belly laughing in the funny bits. I think that once you get to a certain age – you’re not afraid to show your emotions. If it’s funny, you laugh. If it’s sad, you cry. No need to hide or put up pretenses – not like when you’re young, and still figuring out who you are, and trying to impress your mates. This older, and wiser, audience did not hold back. At the end – there was applause. Applause!! Can you remember the last time you went to a movie where people clapped at the end? So – that movie will forever have a special place in my heart. Namely, because it was fabulous. Secondly, because it starred an Aussie, and had a large Aussie presence in the production. Thirdly – the audience – they made it for me. Finally, I will remember it as being the last thing I did before my second baby arrived. It will probably be a long, long time before my husband and I are able to act like young lovers again.


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