Fashion’s animal instincts

11 Feb

You’ve gotta feel a little bit sorry for the big department stores (ok – if you overlook their billion dollar-plus profits). A couple of weeks ago they launched their advertising campaigns for their autumn/winter fashion collections. People went flocking to the shops. But not in search of a new winter over-coat. They went in desperate search of air-conditioning. It was Sydney’s hottest week on record. And David Jones was advertising leather jackets, scarves – and lots of animal print. Bad, bad timing. But it’s the same every year isn’t it? Just as I’m thinking I need a new swimming costume, the shops become awash with wool, cashmere, leather – and apparently this season – lots of animal print.
And this is the point of my post. You’ve probably seen the latest DJs ad, where a rather powerful and deep voiced woman says ‘This winter, the trend is….. (big pause for dramatic effect)… animal print’. Hmmmm. I’ve never been convinced that animal print is such a fantastic thing to wear. Leopard print is fabulous…. for a leopard. Same with zebra print etc. But on a woman? Or – god forbid – a man? You could spend $3000 on a designer label animal print dress – but to me – it will look like it’s come from a supre clearance outlet on the Gold Coast ie tacky and cheap. I don’t think animal print ever looks expensive. It also says a certain something about a woman. It’s sort of like saying to world – ‘I am woman. Here me roar’ – which is fine if that’s the statement you want to make. I once lived in an apartment block in Sydney’s north and was invited in for a drink one evening by a neighbour. Entering her flat was like entering into a Zulu warrior’s hut. It was wall to wall animal print. Zebra rugs, leopard wall hangings – and various African ‘accoutrements’. It just didn’t feel quite right in the midst of the leafy and suburban north shore. Now, all of that said, I have recently dipped my toe into the sea of animal print. I lashed out and bought a leopard print head scarf. I haven’t worn it yet. I’m not sure what outfit to wear it with. Probably a white t-shirt and jeans – something that needs a little ‘grrr’. I’m also thinking of purchasing some leopard print ballet flats. These are just my little nods to THE trend for winter. At heart, I know I’m a fashion victim. But my rationale is – animal print is OK in small doses. That means accessories. It also means that come next winter, when animal print is totally out of fashion, I won’t feel like a goose for having forked out hundreds of dollars on a one season wonder.


2 Responses to “Fashion’s animal instincts”

  1. Cassie February 11, 2011 at 7:22 am #

    you have a husband with a bear rug on his chest….is that NOT enough animal print in the house???

  2. Anonymous February 11, 2011 at 7:23 am #

    you have a husband with a bear rug on his chest….is that NOT enough animal print in the house???

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