You know you’re getting older when…..

20 Mar

Lately, I’ve been feeling my age – and not just in a physical way. Wrinkles, aches and pains – they’re an accepted and obvious part of getting old. However, up ’till now I’ve always considered myself fairly young in the head – that is – I felt like my mental attitude towards life hadn’t changed much from the age of 16, and that I still thought about things in the way a young person did, spoke in the way a young person spoke, dressed in the way young people dress and had fairly ‘young’ interests in music and TV. But I’m realising that’s not really the case any more. So I put together a list of examples to demonstrate my ‘aging’ attitude.

 You know your getting old when…
1) You start sentences with the words – ‘in my day’
2) You think someone born in 1990 sounds really young – until you figure out they’re celebrating their 21st birthday this year
3) You realise you can no longer wear a tartan mini-skirt (unless going to a fancy dress party as Britney circa ’99). Looking like a naughty schoolgirl at the age 25 is kind of cute – at the age of 35, it’s just creepy
4) You listen more to AM radio, than FM – and if you do listen to FM radio, it’s MIX 106.5
5) A cracking Saturday night involves 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And that’s it. Bliss.
6) You use the word ‘hip’ to describe something cool – and an 18 year old doesn’t get what you’re saying. ‘Hip’ – that’s a part of the body, right?
7) You find yourself giving your parents advice – and occasionally – they actually take it
8) You talk to someone younger, and they say they’ve never heard of (or seen) the Brady bunch
9) You’ve never watched Gossip Girl – and you have no intention of doing so
10) You can remember the days when there was no email, no mobile phones, no internet – and sometimes you wish that’s the way the world still was


One Response to “You know you’re getting older when…..”

  1. Anonymous March 20, 2011 at 7:19 am #

    but no internet would mean NO blog….thats confusing enough as it is…i must be getting old.

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