The Jackie O saga continues – what happened to sisterhood?

1 Apr

Poor Jackie O. It seems to go from bad to worse. Earlier this week, The Daily Telegraph published a paparazzi photograph of her crossing the road while bottle feeding three month old baby. The Tele insinuated she was a bad mum for doing so. Today, the Tele has  found fit to publish an open letter from Annette Sharp to Jackie, apparently questioning why she returned to work a few weeks after the birth of her daughter. I haven’t seen the full letter – but it sounds pretty unfair. Obviously, this story has struck a chord with readers, which is why The Tele is continuing to harass Jackie O. According to Nine MSN, Jackie broke down on air this morning saying the comments have made her feel like a ‘second rate mum’. It’s just awful. Why can’t we just support the choices that other mums make? Or at least withhold judgement until we know the full facts. Wasn’t that what the feminist movement was all about – allowing women to choose to work – or not – as they see fit?


One Response to “The Jackie O saga continues – what happened to sisterhood?”

  1. Anonymous April 2, 2011 at 6:58 am #

    the really funny thing about Annette Sharps blog was the photo they posted of her replying to posts on the tele was like a cross between Borat and Fernando Frisoni (the sunday tele commentator who lists who is "hot" on Sydney streets) needless to say – the cheesy – and slightly odd heat tilted look he was giving barely matched the comments of "well i DID breastfeed and it worked for me"

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