A Royal Wedding Video to Make You Smile

18 Apr

I have a confession to make. I am quite excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Is that daggy? I suppose it is. But I’ve always had a bit of a Cinderella complex, which has translated into a slight obsession with royal weddings. As child, one of my most precious posessions was a little souvenir book about Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding that I read and re-read about a million times. I adored Diana’s dress (photo below) – puffy sleeves, frilled collar and a 20 foot train. You’ve got to remember – it WAS the 80s. I also adored Prince Mary and Prince Frederik’s wedding. Remember how he cried when she entered the church. So cute! And Mary’s dress – gorgeous, regal, simplicity (photo below).
Clearly I can’t wait to see what Kate wears on her wedding day. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. But the other reason for my excitement is that I truly believe this wedding will help drag the Royal Family into the modern era. I suspect William is the first future King to have actually lived with his future wife before marriage. They’ve been dating since their early twenties and are nearing their 30s – so they’re entering into this as mature adults who know each other inside out. Kate is going into this with her eyes wide open. And – then there’s the Dianna shadow. I’m sure William is well aware of all the mistakes his Mum made (marrying too young, marrying a man she didn’t love, and then allowing her privacy to be invaded to an extreme level) and I’m sure he’ll do everything possible to avoid repeating history. Anyway, enough serious hypothesising. The other great part about the Royal Wedding is the hype and kitsch souvenirs that come with it – like royal wedding toilet paper – and this spoof video, which a British mobile phone company made using royal look alikes. It’s based on that wedding entrance dance video to Chris Brown’s song ‘Forever’ which was a global internet smash. Watch the Royal Wedding spoof by clicking here. I guarantee it will make you smile.


2 Responses to “A Royal Wedding Video to Make You Smile”

  1. Anonymous April 19, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    prince harry is not only a ranga…in the video he is a dead ringer….

  2. Anonymous May 2, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    Diana was in love with Charles when she married him, but her youth and naivete meant when he said that he loved her she believed it was a fairytale kind of love. It may be hard for us to think so, she only met him a few times but name me a woman who hasn't done this or known a woman who has genuinely felt passion for a man she's met only a few times, especially a Prince Charming? To us all now, in retrospect this seems such a tragedy. But realistically, if she'd accepted the Camilla situation she wouldn't have died in Paris in 1997, she'd just have been alone on many evenings. Her refusal to accept this tells of love spurned not business. And she didn't 'let' the press in. They were in her face all the time and in a bad way. When she took her sons to Thorpe Park, to ride a rollercoaster, she was accused of being a bad mother. What if it derailed and William died or on the day before she died the press were screaming at her for wearing a 'too' short skirt and disgracing the monarchy. People loved Diana because when you looked at her, regardless of how crap you felt about yourself and the marathon of faults you found in your own life or how dowdy you were against her beauty, you just knew she'd smile straight in your eyes and mean it. Show me anyone else you can say that about? In my thinking not me and I'll bet good money, not you…

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