Fashion’s Most Dangerous Trend

29 Apr

Thanks to pregnancy and babies, it’s a few years since I’ve been out in the CBD on a Saturday night. But a recent hens night and subsequent wedding re-acquainted me with the life I used to lead as a 20 something year old. Suffice to say – things have changed in my absence, particularly in the realms of fashion. Most strikingly – high heels have become a lot higher and hemlines seem to have become a lot shorter.
A standard outfit for the average 20 year old girl seems to be a thigh-grazing mini skirt or dress accompanied by 15 cm high heels – that’s an extra half a foot off the ground! The short skirt/high heel look has been popularised by models like Kate Moss, TV shows like ‘Gossip Girl’ and young Hollywood celebrities for whom this ensemble is standard issue. Check out the promo shot at the end of this blog – it’s like a uniform for the female stars. In essence, there’s nothing wrong with this look. It’s sexy to the max, that’s for sure. And – if you’re standing still for a photo on a red carpet, it can look great. Problem is, at some point, you’re going to have to walk in those heels, sit down in that short skirt, or, god forbid, bend over and pick something up off the ground – and then it all becomes ridiculous. It’s most hilarious at the races as 170cm tall girls become 155cm tall thanks to their chop-stick thin heels disappearing into the grass. If you’re a model like Kate Moss, it’s kind of your job to be able to walk in this kind of footwear. But for the average woman, walking gracefully in 15cm heels is impossible. At best, girls totter as if on stilts in tiny, shaky steps, looking like day-old baby giraffes still finding their feet. Every few steps, they’ll stop to yank down the short lycra mini-skirt that’s riding up and threatening to eat their bottoms. Add alcohol to the mix and it becomes downright dangerous, as ambulance officers will attest. A recent news article reported a spike (boom tish!)  in young women being treated for stiletto related injuries like broken ankles, head injuries and dislocated knees. Read it in full here. Seems a woman is now more likely to be injured by a shoe than in a rugged game of netball. Interestingly, I have to say that fashion for young men has barely changed over the past few years. While young women tend to look like Hollywood starlets, their boyfriends still look like hobos in comparison. The uniform of worn-out looking jeans and t-shirts has barely changed since I was in my twenties. But you know what? I think the guys have the right idea. They may look incredibly underdressed but at least their outfits aren’t going to do them an injury.


One Response to “Fashion’s Most Dangerous Trend”

  1. Anonymous April 29, 2011 at 8:05 am #

    clearly you have not been to the races lately. Young men are all VERY stylish….stylish if they are in fact extras for lord of the rings – frodo's revenge.I have never seen so many GOBLIN shoes in public all at once ever…why would white leather shoes, oversized and pointy no less…ever be deemed as a good look with a dark suit.get on track lads…and get OFF the track.

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