Royal Wedding Awards

30 Apr

In honour of tonight’s logies, I’ve decided to review the Royal Wedding awards-style. Let me say from the outset – I LOVED IT!! Mostly. It combined two of the things I love in this world – fashion and romance. However, there were a couple of (minor) issues with the whole thing. Here’s my verdict.

Best Dressed Female Guest
There was stiff competition for this. But my winner is Charlene Wittstock – a South African Olympic backstroke swimmer and fiancée of Albert II, Prince of Monaco. I love the simplicity, elegance and appropriate-ness of the ensemble. The neckline of the coat frames her face beautifully – and on a day where sculptural hats dominated – Charlene’s relatively minimalist hat was a breath of fresh air. Love the nude shoe and the gloves. It’s great to see an outfit which is comfortable, weather-appropriate – and gorgeous.

My runner-up for best dressed female guest is Tara Palmer Tomkinson – a British socialite and former ‘it’ girl. This ensemble is such a contrast to the outfit I nominated above. The electric blue stood out like the proverbial ‘bolt from the blue’. I love it for the fashion forwardness and edginess of it.

Best Dressed Male Guest
No surprises for guessing this one – David Beckham hands down, in a canter. Let’s face it – the guy could wear stubbies and thongs and still look hot. However, there’s only one word for how he looked at the wedding and that’s – ‘dapper’ – and it’s not often you would say that about Becks. He shows that sometimes, the best way to look cool, is to go conservative. Love the soft grey tie and the bryl-creamed hair – and the fact that he carried a top hat. One of the most fashionable blokes in the world went truly old school for this event – and it worked. I also loved the fact that he seemed truly happy to be there – and smiled A LOT. As an aside, I loved his wife’s dress. We’re so used to pregnant celebrities wearing tight, tight dresses that really accentuate their bumps to the point where you feel you can almost see the baby inside. It was lovely to see a dress that just floated over it all. BUT – what about the shoes. She is standing on tippy-toes. That cannot be comfortable when you’re pretty heavily preggers. I blogged about the dangers of high heels the other day – it just defies belief that a pregnant woman can wear these stilts. I’ve put in several photos of these two. Couldn’t help it.

Fashion trend most likely to catch on
Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress – BUT – as a wedding dress. She was one hot bridesmaid. Her dress (and her figure) was perfection. Add a veil and a bouquet and this could easily pass for a wedding dress. My tip is – a lot more brides will be looking to replicate this slightly sexy look, rather than Kate’s lace number.

Most Memorable Moments
The ceremony itself was an extremely formal occasion – it’s not often you hear the word ‘betwixt’ used with such regularity. What was fabulous was when Wills and Kate were declared officially married, you could hear the crowd outside absolutely roaring. What a moment.

The other image that will stay with me for a while is the sight of the crowd walking down the mall behind the police cordon (little tidbit – police all wore white gloves in honour of the ceremony). It was such a joyful, peaceful and happy scene. We’re so used to seeing crowds gather in anger lately. This was such a contrast. The avenue was ablaze with union jacks and happy faces. To be honest, I think it really was the crowds that made this wedding for me – and I think that’s why Kate and Wills held the wedding they did – for the benefit of the British people. And didn’t they love it.

The Lowlights

Worst Dressed Guests
I’m not the first one to say this – but what were Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie thinking? Apparently, the Royal Family had to submit photos of their planned outfits before the big day, so as to avoid colour clashes. Now that’s the point at which someone should have pulled up the young princesses. Beatrice’s (in the camel) isn’t so bad. But that hat? As for Eugenie’s blue ensemble – it looks like something her mum (Sarah Ferguson) would have worn in the 80s.

The bride’s bouquet
It looked like Kate had gone into the garden and picked it herself. Given the grandeur of the occasion, and her dress, the bouquet just didn’t cut the mustard. It looked like the kind of posy you would find in the bathroom of a posh hotel. The proportion of it was not right. It needed to be a little bigger and more structured. I know the flowers held significance and all that, which is lovely. But it could have been better. As for the flowers in the Abbey – loved the trees – but the altar flowers were – again – a little underwhelming.

Harry’s ill-fitting jacket
He looked like he was wearing shoulder pads that didn’t fit – kind of like an NFL player. Ridiculous – kind of like he’d raided his Dad’s closet for something to wear.

 The lack of emotion during the ceremony
Not one person cried. AT ALL!!! I don’t know how Kate managed to keep so composed. Did she not feel completely overwhelmed by the love of the British public as she drove through those streets on the way to the Abbey – how did she not lose it? And how did her Mum and Dad keep it together as their daughter became as PRINCESS! I guess it’s that whole stiff upper lip British thing. But I would have liked someone to shed a tear.


2 Responses to “Royal Wedding Awards”

  1. Anonymous May 1, 2011 at 1:35 am #

    i thought "betwixt" was half of a chocolate bar…..

  2. Licia May 6, 2011 at 4:25 am #

    I'll have to disagree with you about Tara's outfit. As soon as my husband saw her I heard him mutter 'Mulva'. Come to think of it, maybe that's more a reflection on my husband…

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