Easing the Pain of Vaccinations for Babies

3 May

Between them, my little bubbas have been through nine lots of vaccinations. And it’s taken me that long to work out a few little strategies to make it slightly less painful for my babies, and for me. Today I took my little girl for her 4 month jabs and it was the least stressful vaccination to date. Here’s what worked for me.
1) Get the first appointment of the day with your Doctor to avoid having to wait around. Also, babies seem to be happier little munchkins early in the day and get progressively more grizzly as it wears on.
2) Have something at the ready for your baby to suck on – whether it’s a dummy, a breast or bottle. I used to make the mistake of offering the dummy AFTER the jab. By then, it’s usually too late to prevent the hysteria. However, today I found it was much better if my baby was already sucking on something before the needles went in. She barely cried.
3) Make sure you discuss any other issues you want to raise with your doctor BEFORE the vaccination. There’s every chance your baby will cry after being jabbed with two needles, which makes it impossible to hold an intelligent conversation with your Doctor. The trick is to get all the other business out of the way, have the jabs, and concentrate on soothing your baby while you vacate the Doctor’s surgery.
4) Have baby panadol (or some kind of pain/fever relief product) on stand-by at home in case your baby has a reaction. Fortunately (touch wood) my bubs have never had an adverse reaction. However, it certainly is possible and you don’t want to be running off to the chemist if your bub is really unhappy.
5) Don’t forget your ‘Blue Book’ (or whatever health record you maintain) so the Doctor can record what vaccinations were delivered, and the batch numbers (in case of bad reactions)
6) Dress the baby in clothes that allow the Doctor easy access to your baby’s thighs
7) Ask the Doctor’s admin staff if you can make payment before the consultation, just in case your baby is hysterical and you need to concentrate on comforting afterwards.


One Response to “Easing the Pain of Vaccinations for Babies”

  1. Anonymous May 4, 2011 at 3:37 am #

    all good tips (cant think of a stupid comment to that one)

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