The Good, the bad, and the cuddly of the week that was

27 May

The Good
The Federal Government this week passed laws making it illegal to discriminate against breastfeeding mothers (d’oh, I thought this already existed). In practice, it means a restauranteur cannot refuse to serve a breastfeeding mother, an employer cannot refuse to hire a woman on the basis that she is breastfeeding and an employer cannot prevent a mother from taking a break for lactation purposes (like expressing milk). I’ve written previously about the need for workplaces to become more accommodating of breastfeeding mums – but these laws are a step in the right direction.

The Bad, in this case, the sad
In fact, sad is simply an inadequate word – this story was absolutely heartbreaking. Olympic gold medal winner, Alisa Camplin, appeared on 60 minutes last Sunday to talk about the devastating death of her ten day old baby, Finnan, from a congenital heart condition. I cannot imagine the grief that she and her husband are experiencing. They are now raising money for a specialist piece of equipment at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne to help diagnose the condition in-utero. What’s truly shocking is that 1 in 100 babies are born with congenital heart defects, making it a relatively common condition. To watch the video (you will need tissues) or make a donation click here. In the interview, Alisa (through her tears) asked if she was still a Mum. Yes, Alisa, you are a mum – and a very special one at that. Your son would be proud.

The Cuddly
Ever heard the comment that babies get more fun out of wrapping paper than the actual gift? Well, watch this gorgeous video and you will see why. Better still, the paper being ripped up is a job rejection letter – if only we could all handle rejection with such glee.


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