Halle Berry’s Belly Button Baring

30 May

Question: What’s the only piece of wrinkled skin that Halle Berry is proud to show off? Answer: Her belly button. Halle Berry has a banging bod – there’s no doubt. She is a beautiful woman. She makes me want to run out and cut my hair. No wait. I did do that. But I’ve discovered a hair cut does not one Halle Berry make – you need the body, the skin, the eyes – all that unimportant stuff. Anyway, back to the point of this post. Halle Berry’s belly button. Twice this year, she has worn BBB (that’s belly-button-baring) outfits on the red carpet. That’s about 200% more times than any other actress in Hollywood would, in their entire careers. There’s kind of an unspoken rule about belly buttons and red carpets – they don’t mix – getting the red lint out of the crevice is so damn hard. Most actresses (and definitely actors) adhere to the rule.
I don’t know why, but BBB is just… icky. A beautiful dress is not enhanced by the baring of one’s button. It just kind of makes the entire look a little trashy. Like there’s just too much on display. I know belly buttons are a natural part of the human body and all that. But, it’s kind of like hairy armpits. They are also natural but that doesn’t make them good. Remember when Julia Roberts waved her hairy pits at the world? Such was the outrage you would think she’d hit an old lady over the head and taken her handbag. All she did was forget to shave. First world problem. Still, a problem nonetheless. Halley’s recent BBB outfit(the black one at the start of this post) is the most interesting. It’s by Halston. Check out the runway shot below. Halston did not design this dress to be a belly button flasher. Berry has deliberately styled it that way. Had she yanked it up just one inch, it would have been perfect. And check out the Pucci number. It not only displays the button, it actually accentuates it. The peep-hole design is like a flashing light saying ‘press here for the belly button’. There is a time and a place for BBB and that’s the beach or the bedroom. It’s easy to remember – both words start with a ‘B’.

The belly button gets its own special peep hole

Julia Roberts and the offending pits

How Halston styled Halle’s dress

One Response to “Halle Berry’s Belly Button Baring”

  1. Anonymous May 31, 2011 at 6:29 am #

    a little Halle Berry is big in Japanexcept her name is pronounced more like Harry Belly…not to be confused with Harry Belafonte but it does explain the Belly Button obsession..if i had the belly button i would flash it too…sadly i only have the belly…and it is unflashable

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