Fab and Fail Fashion of the Week

20 Jun

Here’s the first what I hope will become a regular post on this blog – a quick look at the best and worst celeb looks of the week.

Kate/Fab. William/Fail
Talk about a post-honeymoon glow. These two look like they are still basking in the sunshine of their beautiful wedding. I adore this pink confection of a dress on the Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Kate Middleton). Just goes to show that you don’t need to flaunt your flesh to look beautiful. The dress covers it all but fits her whippet-thin figure to perfection, giving it a punch of sexy. But there’s one problem with this fairytale picture. In fact, there are three problems – they’re called buttons. Wills – what’s the deal with the double-breasted tux? I can’t see a double breasted jacket without thinking of Captain Stubing from the 1970s TV series, The Love Boat (photo below) which was set on a cruise liner. Wills – do us a favour and keep the buttons for your military uniforms – not your black tie get-up.

Jessica Alba – Fab Pregnancy Dressing
Gosh – I want to look just. like. this – when pregnant. Actually, even when not pregnant would be nice. It is so, so, so hard to look edgy when you’ve got a watermelon stuffed down your t-shirt. But Alba gives us a lesson in how to do it. She’s boho on the bottom with that gorgeous, flowy printed skirt – and rock-chick on the top thanks to that fab leather vest. The vest is what give it the edge. Must remember that for next (hopefully) pregnancy. I did a little investigating into where she was wearing this outfit – seems she was at her partner’s University reunion. Geez – I feel sorry for the other partners that went along. Bit hard to compete with Ms Alba, or Mrs Warren, as her name tag read at the function.

Nicole Kidman – Fail, fail, fail
Sorry Nic – but this is a shocker. Looks like you’ve done a Maria Von Trapp and used your curtains to whip up a frock but run out of that awful green striped velvet material, so you’ve tacked a bit of black chiffon to the bottom. And what’s going on with the shoes? Which outfit were they meant to go with? Certainly not that dress. Not to harp on – but the hair’s also a mess – that frizzy, bad fringe is a crime when we know you’ve got a gorgeous mane (and no doubt a hairdresser on-tap).


One Response to “Fab and Fail Fashion of the Week”

  1. Anonymous June 20, 2011 at 7:35 am #

    ironically capt. Stubbing's jacket is barely done up…let alone double breasted..

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