The good, the bad, and the cuddly of the week that was

24 Jun
Jeune fille endormie

The Good – The $20 million dollar gift
So an American turns up at Sydney Uni, fresh off the plane, and from his hand luggage produces a painting which he promptly hands over, requesting the Uni sell it and use the funds for research. That little painting was a Picasso. For the past 18 months, the Uni’s Vice Chancellor has kept the precious piece hidden in a secret spot, known only to him. The insurance on such a masterpiece would have been too pricey. This week the joyous work, depicting Picasso’s French lover Marie-Therese Walter, went under the hammer in London. It sold for $20 million. What an incredible gift! The money will fund the Uni’s research into cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Incredible generousity, which will no doubt save lives – and the donor doesn’t want any credit, preferring to remain anonymous. Whoever you are – I salute you.

The Bad – mobiles and laptops are making us work more
It is as I suspected – technology is making us work longer hours and chewing into personal time like never before. This is the finding of a survey of 500 white-collar workers which found that two-thirds of them continued to work while on holiday. Reality check – a holiday is not a holiday if you’re working. It also found a third worked while commuting, which all adds up to a lot of unpaid overtime. I can’t help but think this is a bad trend. Yes – technology has given us flexibility – but it’s completely blurring the lines between work, and personal time. Sometimes, I long for the days when work was something you went and did, and then switched off from once you got home. Thanks to mobile phones and computers, we’re now permanently switched to ‘on’. What happened to devoting time to important things, like – relationships – with friends, kids, partners and family. Where are our priorities heading?

The Cuddly – Video taken before THAT photo
This is not cuddly in the cute sense – it’s video footage of THE cuddle that made headlines – the one where a couple was photographed kissing in the midst of a riot. Did you think it was a set-up? I know I did. I mean, really, who lies down in the middle of a riot for a smooch!! Who does that? I DO remember that feeling of being head over heels in love – but risking life and limb for a kiss? This video gives a little more context into how it all happened – and it seems it’s all legit.


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