Fab and Fail Fashion of the Week – Kate Moss, Nicky Hilton and the Duchess of Cambridge

27 Jun

Fab – Kate Moss does good casual
It’s the perfect shopping/lunch date outfit – not too casual, nor over-dressed – this is the definition of smart casual. Better still, it’s a version that we can all achieve. Black jackets, white t-shirts and ballet flats are probably staples in most women’s wardrobes. As for the stripey pants, I reckon versions of them are being knocked up by the chain stores as we speak. There’s a couple of details that make this a great outfit. See where the pants finish? Just before the ankle – an extremely flattering length as it shows off the skinniest part of the leg. Also, the stripes are elongating – double bonus. The other great touch is the red handbag – a little splash of colour in an otherwise monochrome outfit. Winner.

Fail – Nicky Hilton does bad casual
It’s hard to explain how much I really dislike tie-dye. For me, it’s right up there (or down there) with hyper-colour t-shirts. And this version is pretty bad. Nicky Hilton is wearing it – so I suspect it’s not a cheap dress, but like all things tie-dye, it looks like it cost $5 at a second hard clothes market. Now, there’s nothing wrong with cheap things – I shop at Kmart and Target – but the trick is to buy things that are cheap but don’t look cheap. The braids, mirrored aviators, and the green handbag don’t help either – it’s kind of a hippie Heidi look, but with an expensive handbag, as if Hilton is reminding us that she really is very rich.

Fashion Faux pas – Kate Middleton
Don’t get me wrong, I love this coat. Love the buttons and the three quarter sleeves, which is so flattering, showing off the wrists (see point above about showing off ankles – it’s the same rationale). But I think the coat is inappropriate for the event, which was a military ceremony marking Armed Forces Day. In my view, when one is attending an event at which soldiers are present, it’s best to not dress like a soldier. The military-style of the jacket is inappropriate for a military event – way too literal. It would have been perfect at any other ‘do’. Also – the hat – or is it a fascinator – or a hatinator. Whatever you call it, it’s not right for the coat or the occasion. Little straw things are great for weddings or cocktail parties but not for military ceremonies – and certainly not with that coat. This is a coat that called for a decent sized, structured black hat. It would have looked a-mazing.


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