The Good, the bad and the cuddly of the week

8 Jul

The Good – NZ CEO sacked for sexist comments
So, the boss of a peak employer’s association in New Zealand, Alasdair Thompson, is having a debate on radio about gender pay inequity and he argues women earn less because they’re less productive. “Look at who takes the most sick leave. Women do, in general, why? Because once a month they have sick problems…. I don’t like saying this because it sounds like I’m sexist..” No Alasdair, you don’t just sound sexist – you are sexist. And that’s why you got the sack. Added to the fact that many people in NZ (male and female) were (quite rightly) outraged by your comments. I’ve never known any woman to take a day off because due to menstration. Yes Alisdair – men-stru-ation is the word – not ‘sick problems’. Across the ditch (as in many countries) women on average earn 12% less than men for doing exactly the same job. Is it any wonder when there are employers out there like Alisdair Thompson. Thank God Alisdair’s bosses saw the light and showed him the door.

The Bad – Phone Hacking Scandal forces News of the World to fold
This tawdry affair just gets worse and worse. In summary, News of the World is a British tabloid newspaper (owned by Rupert Murdoch) which hired a private investigator to hack into the mobile phones of people ‘of interest’ – thousands of them – like the British Royals, high profile politicians and celebrites like Sienna Miller. But the rich and famous weren’t the only targets. In the latest galling tale, it’s been alleged the investigator deleted messages from the voicemail of a missing 13 year old, Milly Dowler, giving her parents some (false) hope she may have still been alive. In fact she’d been abducted and killed. What a truly despicable act. It’s now being suggested the investigator also tampered with the phones of the families of soldiers killed in Iraq. Appalling. Overnight, James Murdoch (Rupert’s son) announced the paper’s closure. NOTW is big bikkies for the Murdoch Empire. It sells 2.7 million copies a week and has been among its biggest money making mastheads. It’s broken some huge scandals – like Fergie selling access to Prince Andrew, the Pakistani cricket match fixing saga – and who can forget the pics of Warney cavorting in his undies with two models? But – there really wasn’t much choice. The paper was haemorrhaging advertisers and readers and the News share price was taking a big hit. Let’s hope journalists the world over get the message – no matter how good the story, readers won’t stand for deeply unethical (and criminal) journalistic methods. This isn’t the end of the matter. Inquiries are under way, arrests are imminent, prosecutions inevitable and jail time likely for the main protagonists.

The Cuddly – Charlie bit me!
Geez, after all that heaviness above we need a bit of a laugh don’t we? This video is gorgeous. My two girls are of a similar age, so it reasonates with me. Love the little boy’s posh accent – and the baby plays the pesky younger sibling to perfection. Click here for some fun.


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  1. Anonymous July 8, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    ouch charlie…sounds like something Camilla Parker Bowles would say.

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