Fab Fashion of the Week – Duchess Kate

11 Jul

I. want. Kate’s. wardrobe. NOW! (oops manners). Pretty Please! I don’t care if those beautiful dresses aren’t suitable for being sprayed with baby puke, or carrot puree, or projectile poo. And I don’t mind if I’d be a tad overdressed for mother’s group or supermarket shopping. I just want that collection of lovely dresses (photos below) hanging in my cupboard. To look at. And stroke. And dream. I love all that Duchess Kate has worn on her tour of Canada and the States. Words that come to mind – chic, classic, elegant, pretty. But it’s not a unanimous opinion. Fashion editor for The Guardian (big British newspaper) Jess Cartner-Morley writes “Kate is not particularly stylish… There is little flair, little creativity, little originality about how she dresses. She is pretty and always looks nice, but she is not a style icon. She is not “wowing the fashion critics” with her wardrobe…’
And what of Jess’ fashion credentials? She has recently been spruiking the merits of palazzo pants, baseball jackets and denim dresses as being ‘must haves’ for the season. Hmmm. Jess is obviously from a place I like to call Planet Fashion, which is inhabited by fashion designers, stylists, journalists and bloggers. On Planet Fashion, an inhabitant who wears a combination of palazzo pants with a baseball jacket would be prettily applauded for their ‘witty, and ironic’ style. In the Real World (where I live) such a person would be labelled ‘a fool’. The whole point of Fashion Planet-ers is to convince Real World-ers that they need items like palazzo pants and denim dresses in their wardrobes so we buy them, and, ka-ching Fahion Planet gets more and more rich. The true test of the Duchess’ stylishness is the colleague test. If Kate turned up in your workplace, would she be the most stylish woman in the office? Would you envy her wardrobe? Would all the guys think her gorgeous? I reckon yes, yes, and yes. As for the bigger question – is she a fashion icon? Again, I say yes. Kate actually dresses in a very modern way – mixing high street with high-end pieces. And she recycles, wearing the same outfit again and again at important events. That’s pretty new for a future Queen. And it’s a reflection of the times. A British Royal can hardly be spending millions of the public purse on her wardrobe when millions of her subjects are on the dole queue. Kate is a ‘royal recessionista’. The other ‘iconic’ aspect of her dress is the way she makes modesty look so good. Over the past 20 years, our tolerance for flesh-baring fasion has increased immensely. Remember the uproar that Liz Hurley created when she wore the safety-pin dress in 1994? The provocative nature of it made her an overnight global star. These days, such an outfit would barely raise an eyebrow. Seen Lady Gaga at the airport wearing nothing but underwear? Bo-ring. Twenty-something year olds like Kesha and Taylor Momsen are regularly photographed gadding about in nothing but fishnets, undies and torn t-shirts. Sadly, the flesh-fest has caught on with many young women for whom a typical Saturday night outfit involves a thigh-high mini skirt with equally high heels and a singlet-top. I’ve posted on it before. It’s not the morality of it that offends me. Not at all. Women should be free to wear whatever they want without being judged. BUT. My point is – the hooker-look is supremely uncomfortable and just doesn’t suit the bodies of most women, unless you’re a supermodel, in which case you should knock yourself out with minis and high heels. On the other hand, Kate dresses in a way which I think would suit many, many more women. The A-line sillhouette which she seems to favour is almost universally flattering to all figures. As is the presense of a belt or tie at the waist. The skirt length, just above or on the knee, is also a winner. I think Fashion Planet-ers are being a bit mean because Kate’s clothes are classic. She wears dresses that you could wear for years, and they’d never go out of style. That’s no good for Planet Fashion where it’s all buy-buy-buy. The only suggestion to Kate that I would make is this – don’t dress too literally. On Canada Day, Kate wore a white dress, a red hat feature a maple leaf, and red shoes. She was basically a walking Canadian flag. It’s not the first time that Kate has dressed in such an obvious way – remember the military jacket at the military ceremony? Look, I’m sure the Canadians loved it and thought her outfit a wonderful tribute to the country where she may one day be Queen. And I’m sure if she turned up in Australia wearing a union jack jacket and a southern-cross skirt we’d all be back slapping her and saying ‘hello your royal gorgeousness’. But, the obviousness of some outfits can occasionally be at odds with her overall fashion sense, which screams subtlety, taste and class. Sigh. Can I please have her clothes? 

On Canada Day in a Reiss (chain store) dress that she’s worn a couple of times before

Liz Hurley – 1994

Lady Gaga in an airport

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/fashion/the-duchess-dilemma–fashion-diplomat-or-style-icon-20110706-1h1o9.html#ixzz1RaERBiLe


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  1. Anonymous July 11, 2011 at 2:37 am #

    and can i please have WIlliam's hair?not something you will ever hear again from anyone.except maybe Matt Moran.

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