The Good, the bad and the cuddly of the week

15 Jul

The Good – Australia Crowned Netball World Champions
The rivalry between the Diamonds (Australia’s national netball team) and the Silver Ferns (New Zealand’s) is legendary. I only wish more people knew about it. After all, more than half a million Australians play netball. It’s our most popular women’s team sport. Enough grandstanding. Every game between the Diamonds and Silver Ferns comes down to the dying seconds, and the smallest of margins. When these teams met at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, it took two lots of extra time to get a result. The Kiwis won. The 2011 World Championship Final was no exception. It went like this. Australia is losing for much of the game, but claw their way back in the final quarter. At full-time, scores are locked. Cue 14 minutes of extra time. With 4 minutes left, the Kiwis pull ahead by one. With 90 seconds to go, Australia locks it up again. 6 seconds to go, Goal keeper Caitlyn Bassett gets the ball. She shoots. The crowd holds its breath. She nets it with one second left on the clock. Australia are World Champions!! Crowd goes wild. Yay Diamonds – always knew they were a girl’s best friend.

The Bad – Couple told their dead baby’s remains ‘probably thrown out’
This is a shocker. A Perth woman, Lisa, miscarries her baby at 17 weeks pregnant. Lisa and her partner Charlie ask for the baby’s remains to be examined for genetic testing and then returned to them for burial. reports the couple called the hospital to follow up but were told the remains had been lost. ‘Lisa and husband were told by a nurse at Swan District Hospital that “it’s not a baby, it’s just a foetus” and that it had “probably been thrown out with the medical waste”. The WA Health Minister has apologised and ordered an investigation. Lisa and her husband have since had a naming ceremony for their baby boy. They called him Brody. At 17 weeks, Lisa was probably starting to feel kicks. The couple had no doubt shared their good news with friends and family. Lisa would have been starting to show. Their baby was real in every sense. As is their grief. To be told their little being ‘wasn’t a baby’ is truly cruel. And to be denied a chance to grieve properly through a burial is tragic. We need to do better by women who miscarry.

The Cuddly – Play really is work, for a baby
If you’ve ever wondered why babies need a lot of sleep, watch this video. It’s a time-lapse clip, condensing 4 hours of baby play into 2 minutes of footage. Apart from the busy-ness of the baby, you realise one thing – the baby spends 10% of his time on the ‘play mat’ and 90% rolling on everything BUT the mat. Kids have an innate sense of what they’re not supposed to do. And do it. In case you’re wondering – how did these parents leave their kid for 4 hours on his own? Don’t worry. They edited out the adult interactions.


One Response to “The Good, the bad and the cuddly of the week”

  1. Anonymous July 15, 2011 at 6:16 am #

    i have never heard anyone say a "silver fern is a girls best friend"so it must be true about the diamonds!

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