Fab and Fail Fashion of the Week – Nicole Kidman and Lara Bingle

17 Jul

Fab – Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman really confuses me. Sometimes I love her movies, sometimes I dislike them. Sometimes I think she sounds very down to earth, sometimes she comes across too self-conscious. Sometimes I love what she wears, other times I wonder if she looked in the mirror before she left home. I think I’m not the only one who’s confused – she seems to be quite a polarising person. Anyway, I think we can all agree (or can we?) that she looks fab in this red Elie Saab number. Red hair, red dress, red lip – all fantastic. I love how the dress is giving her an hourglass shape (which she doesn’t normally have) with with a fair bit of boob (more than usual), a cinched-in waist and a little curve around the hip and tummy accentuated by the peplum (bits of material on the side). It does all the right things in all the right places.

Compare it with what Melissa George wore at the same event. She looks completely washed out. What she needed to do was borrow some of Nic’s red lipstick. Would have made a tonne of difference.

Fail – Lara Bingle
Oh Lara. You’ve got such a hot body and gorgeous face – why hide it all in a boxy suit and all that hair over your face? And what’s going on the crotch area? Way too much fabric, for one. And – it’s just – a weird cut, like a cloth nappy. Don’t let me start on the jacket – it looks like it’s choking you – almost like a straight jacket. The button sits right on your boobs, making you like a size bigger than you are. And bunching the sleeves just makes your biceps look huge. But you know what I really don’t understand – you wore this to the launch of a new sunglasses range (of which you are the face) which was held at night, therefore depriving you of any chance to wear the said sunnies. Weird. Anyway, I think you’re a gorgeous looking girl so I’m posting a photo below of you from the sunglasses ad campaign – why didn’t you style yourself like this for the launch party? I don’t get it.


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