Beating the winter Blues with a shot of Spring fashion

9 Aug
Mother Nature can be a cruel so-and-so can’t she? In Sydney last week, we were basking in mid twenty degree temperatures, vainly hoping for an early start to Spring after a winter that’s felt very long, very cold and very wet. It wasn’t to be. Mother Nature has pulled a swifty, returning us this week to another icy blast of winter. It sucks. I’m over it. I actually want to take the kids to a playground (God, I never thought I’d say that). I’m over jigsaw puzzles, and play-doh and all those indoor-type activities. But you know what I’m really sick of? My jeans. I think I’ve worn them, oh, maybe every day for the last 2 months. Sure, the rest from shaving my legs every day has been nice – but oh – I would give anything to feel the warm sun on my lilly-white gams. Yes, I will need sunglasses if I want to look at them – they are that white. But I’m actually longing to wear a pair of shorts, or, (gasp) a dress, without stockings. Last week David Jones launched their Spring/Summer fashion collection in a big hoo-ha parade featuring Miranda Kerr, who’s figure is jaw-droppingly awesome, 6 months after childbirth.

There aren’t many women whose physique is improved by becoming a Mum – but Miranda’s has – those breastfeeding boobs are fab. Let’s face it – the woman won the jackpot in the genetic lottery. Good luck to her. I’m not jealous. No really, I’m not. So, what can we expect to wear next Summer. Well, it looks like those neutral tones are out and colour is in, in a big-big way. As is animal print (when isn’t it), a bit of navy and white and for those who still like minimalism, there’s a lot of all-white around. In short, there’s something for everyone – except if you live in black, there doesn’t seem to be much of that – but we are talking summer here – black is a little hot for the Australian sun. So, to cheer myself up and fool myself that spring really is just around the corner, I’m posting some of the photos from the DJ’s parade. Sigh. Please Mother Nature, please let it be Spring. Now!



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