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The Good, the bad, and the cuddly of the week that was

2 Jun
Kristy Hinze and Jim Clark

The Good – Hotness Delusion Syndrome in Men Over 40
I love this story. Demographer Bernard Salt has officially given a name to the syndrome suffered by a plethora of available older men – hotness delusion. At the age of 44, there are 15% fewer available men than women – so they are – to put it bluntly – ‘in demand’. The Herald Sun  reported “An available male in his 40s receives a lot of attention because he’s the only thing going around,” Mr Salt said. “He can be balding and paunchy, but this is not what he sees in the mirror. He sees nothing less than trim, taut and, so he is told, terrific.”
And – we have plenty of real life examples to draw from – Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, Greg Norman, Jim Clark (married to model Kristy Hinze). None of these men are ‘hot’ but they’ve all got much younger, much prettier wives and partners. So what do they have? Money. Success. And a serious case of ‘hotness delusion’. My message to older men who think they are ‘all that’. You’re not. You’re just scarce. And if you think you’re being chased because you’re hot, you’re deluded.

The Bad – Four Corners expose of the live cattle trade to Indonesia
This important story made my blood boil. It was truly shocking. Much of it I couldn’t watch. It was a terribly graphic portrayal of the torture and suffering endured by Australian cattle in a number of Indonesian abattoirs. There were horrific images of cattle slipping to the ground on wet cement before being tied up, causing so much distress the cows were bashing their heads against the cement floors. To top it off, the slaughtemen were using blunt knives, requiring 10 cuts to cause a lingering and painful death. There was heartbreaking footage of one cow quivering with fear as it watched the rest of its herd slaughtered and sliced up. I have no idea of what happens in the cow brain – but I’m sure they sense death, and they can experience fear. By the end of the week, the Government had banned the live trade of Australian cattle to 11 Indonesian abattoirs, which is a good step. The next step is to ensure practices in these abattoirs are changed. The use of a stun gun to render a cow unconscious before death would be an improvement. The point is this – I’m a carnivore. I accept that animals are killed so I can eat them. But I do not accept for a minute that they need to be tortured in the process. A dignified and humane death is the right of every animal.

The Cuddly – video of a kitten being cuddled by its mummy
I am not cat lover. In fact, I’m a cat disliker. But this video of a Mummy cat cuddling its kitten has almost turned me. Almost. Watch it here to finish your week with a smile.

Bad – four corners