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What’s going on with Reese’s forehead?

7 May

My husband and I were watching an interview with Reese Witherspoon on the 7pm Project (Channel Ten) last night when my husband drew my attention to something very strange about Reese’s forehead. (Watch the clip here) To put it simply, imagine her forehead is divided horizontally into two halves. Now, check out the top half. When Reese is speaking animatedly, it crinkles like a normal person’s. But – look at the bottom half – it never moves – even when the top half does. Actually, to be really precise, the middle of it never moves – you can just see that a little bit at the sides does wrinkle. How bizarre! Compare it to Robert Pattinson, who was part of the same interview (promoting their film ‘Water for Elephants) to see how a normal person’s forehead crinkles when they speak. Unless Reese has some magical powers over her forehead – then I smell a big dirty rat – called botox. OK – so the concept of an actress using botox isn’t really that earth shattering. What is unusual is how obvious the work is in this case. Once you notice it, the immovable part of Reese’s forehead is really distracting. Usually she has a fringe, which would cover this issue. But the fringe-free-do appears to uncover a lot more than just her forehead. I’ve never been a fan of the idea of botox. To me, it doesn’t make women (or men) look younger. They just kind of look smoother and more fake. But seeing Reese’s odd forehead seals the deal for me. It’s just too weird for words.