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The Jackie O saga continues – what happened to sisterhood?

1 Apr

Poor Jackie O. It seems to go from bad to worse. Earlier this week, The Daily Telegraph published a paparazzi photograph of her crossing the road while bottle feeding three month old baby. The Tele insinuated she was a bad mum for doing so. Today, the Tele has  found fit to publish an open letter from Annette Sharp to Jackie, apparently questioning why she returned to work a few weeks after the birth of her daughter. I haven’t seen the full letter – but it sounds pretty unfair. Obviously, this story has struck a chord with readers, which is why The Tele is continuing to harass Jackie O. According to Nine MSN, Jackie broke down on air this morning saying the comments have made her feel like a ‘second rate mum’. It’s just awful. Why can’t we just support the choices that other mums make? Or at least withhold judgement until we know the full facts. Wasn’t that what the feminist movement was all about – allowing women to choose to work – or not – as they see fit?


UPDATE – to Jackie O story below

29 Mar

Yesterday, I posted about my outrage over The Daily Telegraph’s inferred condemnation of radio personality and new mum, Jackie O, for bottle feeding her 3 month old daughter while crossing a road in Double Bay. Today the Tele has run a follow-up story giving Jackie’s side of the story. I for one think she should never have been put into a situation where she felt forced to explain her reasons for this. The way she parents her child is completely her business, and not the public’s. However, as you will see from the story below, it is just as I suspected – Jackie had completely understandable reasons for feeding her bubby on the street. So why didn’t the Tele talk to her BEFORE they published the photo? Well, you know the old saying – don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

RADIO personality Jackie O went on air yesterday to explain her motivation for bottle-feeding her newborn daughter while crossing a Sydney street.
While her breakfast show partner Kyle Sandilands took a swipe at Confidential, O explained she was feeding her baby on a Double Bay street because she was running late and her daughter was hungry. The 2DayFM star, who conceived baby Kitty following IVF treatment, admitted the street was not the “most ideal place” to feed an infant. “We were running late and Kitty was screaming and I knew I had to feed her because, you know, what else can you do? When your baby’s hungry your baby’s hungry and I pulled out my express bottle and I fed her … whilst walking,” she said. “I’ll be the first to admit it is not the most ideal place. Of course 95 per cent of the time I’m seated . . The last thing I would ever want to do is jeopardise her welfare.”She’s my No. 1. This wasn’t a busy road. There was hardly anything around. It was a pedestrian crossing on a leafy street.”