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The Fashion Logies

2 May
After the fashion fabulousness of the Royal Wedding, the Logies red carpet seemed a little flat. However, the great thing about the Logies fashion is that there are always some great highs, and some really big lows. Here’s my selection of the best and worst.

Best colour of the night: White
OK – so it’s not really a colour but the girls who wore white really rocked it. Maybe it’s the Pippa Middleton effect, but slinky white gowns were the hit of the evening.

Worst colour of the night: Black
Black can be really fabulous on a red carpet – very dramatic – provided there’s an element of interest in the cut, texture and detailing. But the black frocks at the logies really looked awful – plain and ill-fitting.

Designer of the Night: Aurelio Costarella
He made two of my favourites – a midnight blue frock for 6 months pregnant, Rebecca Judd (incidentally, the same colour a 6 month pregnant Victoria Beckham wore at the Royal Wedding) and a gorgeous grey gown for Shelley Craft. Incidentally, Costarella also made the jacket that Julia Gillard wore at the Royal Wedding, so a big weekend for him.

Best cleavage of the night: Charlotte Dawson
Yes – I know they’re fake. But Charlotte showed off just the right amount of boob. Sexy but not over the top. And – while the cleavage was out on show, she kept her arms and legs fairly well covered to maintain the taste level.

Worst Cleavage: Susie Elelman
The woman is a publicity hound and always wears something shocking to the logies. It would be more of a shock to see her in something tasteful. Poor Andre Rieu – he must have wondered what planet he’d landed on.

Most Improved: Brynne Edelsten
She still looked pretty frightful – but we’re talking here about improvement – and she was working from a really low base after last year’s logies shocker.

Best splash of colour: Esther Anderson

Worst splash of colour: Gigi Edgley
There’s just way too much going on with this frock.

Best impersonation of a gold logies: Zoe Ventoura
This is a compliment she looked really fabulous.

Worst Impersonation of a Gold Logie: Kat Stewart
It’s not that awful – but I really hate lurex – you see it so much in cheap clothing that it just makes me feel itchy to look at this dress.