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The Good, the bad, and the cuddly of the week that was

20 May

Dear readers,
Welcome to a new weekly post on Mum Plus More. Basically, it’s a brief highlight of three news stories that you may/may not have heard – one that was good, one that was bad, and one that was ‘cuddly’ or cute, if you will. Feel free to nominate your own.

1) The Good – Princess Beatrice Auctions off THAT hat – for charity
Poor old Beatrice was royally panned (including by me) for the antler monstrosity she wore to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. But she is having the last laugh by auctioning the offending item on E-Bay, with all the proceeds going to Unicef.
Beatrice may have terrible taste in fashion but she sounds like a top chick – and that’s way more important. Bidding has surpassed $30,000 with a couple of days still left to run. The Wiggles (yes, as in the men in skivvies) made a bid at $26,000 – they’re ambassadors for Unicef and thought the hat might make a good on-stage costume. The E-Bay auction ends May 22. And – who can forget the hilarious photo of President Obama in his war room. So – what began as a fashion catastrophe is now ending up happily ever after.

2) The Bad – Planking
At the start of the week it seemed planking was a harmless and eccentric phenemenon which produced some extremely funny images (see photo of Kerri-Anne Kennerly planking below). However, by week’s end the new craze had been implicated in a death, a serious injury and the sacking of 8 Woolworths employees. Now, I don’t think we can blame planking per se, it’s the propensity of people to do extremely stupid things that’s the issue here.

3) The Cuddly – elaborate wedding proposal
Can I just say – I’m glad I’m not a guy! This wedding proposal (as posted on You Tube) really sets the bar extremely high. But, as my husband reminded me (after we watched it today) on the afternoon he proposed we’d had a pretty big row, and I went out for a walk while he rang my Dad over the phone for my hand in marriage. Three hours after the argument, I said yes. Just goes to show, guys don’t really need an elaborate proposal plan to guarantee a ‘yes’ response. The Beatles said it best – ‘All you need is love’.