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I’m never getting an I-Phone (and other famous last words)

21 Sep

I’m not going to get an I-Phone. Nor anything resembling an internet-enabled mobile phone. There I’ve said it. I’m putting it out there on the world wide web in the hope that it will force me to stick to my guns. It may be significant to no-one but myself. But yes, it is significant to me. It represents the first major mainstream tech gadget that I refuse to be a part of. I’ve got a digital camera, a lap-top, a TV, DVD player, a digital radio, an I-Pod, and a very basic mobile phone (no video, no internet). But I’m stepping off the tech-gadget-train for the first time. It feels like everyone has one, except me (and my husband). Now, the old ‘but everyone else has got one’ might be the excuse of choice for the average 15 year old, but believe me, peer pressure still exists beyond the age of 30.
I’m making this ‘no I-Phone’ declaration now, because lately I’m finding the pull of the I-Phone harder and harder to resist. I blame Amanda Keller. Yes, the funny lady from WS-FM and the TV show ‘Talkin’ bout my generation’. Have you seen her on that Woolworths ad? Her husband eats the last tim-tam, and she whips out her I-Phone, scans it over the packet and ‘hey presto’ Tim-Tams get added to a shopping list stored on her phone. What an app! Brilliant! Ingenious! I am a chronic shopping list-writer. I cannot shop without one. Every Monday, I sit down and write it out long-hand. It’s tedious. I always forget something essential – like toilet paper. Imagine the time saved if I had that I-phone app. I actually looked up the price of an I-Phone the other day. That’s how I know my interest is increasing. It’s a bad sign. A very bad sign. People who own them love them. So great for the kids, they say, so entertaining for them. It seems true. I’ve seen 2 year olds who can operate an I-Phone better than I can. They finger-flick with ease. My fingers have no flick in them. Neither do the fingers of my 2 year old daughter. Will she be teased at pre-school because she has no finger-flick – because her Mum is some anti-technology weirdo?!!! So, if there are some good reasons in favour of the I-Phone, why am I so against it? One reason. I am a bit of a net-aholic. Give me a spare 10 seconds at home, and I’ll be on-line before you can say ‘W-W-W-dot’. Fortunately, my net use is restricted by some major factors. 1) children 2) I have to physically sit down at my lap-top to use it. Imagine if I could use the net anytime, anywhere. It would be like getting a problem gambler to take up residence in a casino. New gadgets are so hard to resist. Let’s face it, we all luv’em. They hold the elusive promise of improving our lives, of making us look/feel/sound/smell better. Just this week I have lashed out on a new kitchen appliance called a thermomix. It costs roughly what an I-Phone would cost over a standard 2 year plan. It’s a pretty big purchase. The selling point is that it can mix, chop, beat, whip, heat, knead, make the bed, wash the dishes etc etc. The way I rationalise it is this – cooking is something I have to do. There’s no avoiding it when you are a stay at home mum. So, anything that makes cooking quicker/easier/more enjoyable is a good purchase. On the other hand, surfing the net is not something I have to do – it’s something I like to do, sure – but no one will go hungry if I don’t check my email, or post a facebook update. In fact, my family is more likely to go hungry if I did have an I-phone. It might be hard to separate me from it. So, here it is. I’m not getting one. These might be famous last words. I might be like those (few) people in the 1950s who scoffed at the first televisions and said ‘Television? What rubbish! That gadget will never take off. Give me a crystal set any day.’ The I-Phone may just turn out to be the television of the future – something that everyone just ‘has’, without question. Who knows? Check back with me in a year. I reckon if I can withstand the allure for the next 12 months then I might just make it.