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Morning Walk

12 Oct

My park

This is the park where I go for my morning walk. It’s about 4 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD. Can you believe it? This huge, green, clear space is smack bang in the middle of the city. Beautiful, huh. Going for this walk is probably my most regular daily habit. I feel crap if I don’t do it – physically and mentally. I took this particular photo this morning because I think this sums up what my walk does for my brain – it gives it space, room to move and wander. More often than not, it’s where I do my most significant thinking about anything and everything. I’ve scripted many blogs, articles and snippets of fiction on this walk. Sometimes, I forgotten it by the time I get home. I’ve thought about getting a dictaphone so that I can capture the thoughts that fly into my head, so they don’t fly away just as quickly. I’d be kidding if I said every walk is full of profound thoughts. It’s not. I’m not that deep a thinker. Sometimes, I listen to the radio, and other times, I just try to take in the surroundings. There’s a heap to see in this park. My husband (who usually gets stuck minding the kids while I’m out) always asks about my walk, and I would say that, I have usually seen something of note worth reporting to him. Yesterday, it was star spotting – Natalie Gruzlewski and Dr Chris Brown were at the cafe – they are both ridiculously good looking. And very tall. So, from time to time, I’ve decided to post the odd photo of the things I see during my morning constitutional. Hope you enjoy it, at least one tenth as much as I do!